What To Do To Get Rid Of ShynessFor some people, being comfortable is an uphill battle.  You put them in a social environment and the first place they’ll go to is the wall.  You’ll may be talking to people, laughing it up, or dancing, meanwhile they’re just watching everyone having a good time, waiting for someone to approach them.  If you’re a good-looking woman you can get away with this.  If you’re a “good-looking” dude, you may have a woman or two approach you.  But if you’re average-looking or below average-looking, no one is gonna introduce themselves.  If they do, it may be out of pity.  Pity is something you don’t want.  Women don’t feel good about men who they pity.  Sometimes women will give you pity sex, but she may regret it afterwards.  Meanwhile, you’re just so happy you “got some”, not knowing that she’s thinking about avoiding you anytime she sees you.

What do you  do to get rid of shyness?  You must go into a situation and feel like you belong there.  “Yeah, but how”, you say?  You put yourself in that situation or situations like it again and again.  You need to go out and meet new people on a regular basis.  You need to talk to women any chance you get.  Don’t make it into a special event… you’re gonna feel even more shy.  Do it as if it’s normal.  When you treat something special, it makes you feel like there’s something on the line.  If you treat it like regular thing, you’re gonna feel like there’s nothing at stake so the only thing you need to do is just take action.

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