Zeroing In On Your ShynessWhen it comes time for you to get rid of shyness from your mind, body, and soul, you have to know the root of your shyness.  Most people are vague on why they’re shy.  You may hear things like, “I’m just a shy person”, “I’ve always been shy around women”, etc.  In order to fix a problem you have to go to it’s source and pull it out just like weeds in your garden.  This means you have to get down and dirty sometimes.

Let me tell you something–some men don’t like getting to the root of their shyness because it brings out their weakness.  Us men have an ego that we don’t like getting bruise up, so what we’ll do sometimes is deflect (“I’m not shy, you’re shy”) or we’ll just sweep it under the rug and hope people accept it as who we are (“I’m looking for a girl who’s into shy guys”).  The funny thing is once you get to the root of it, it’s not as painful as you think.

Ask yourself a few questions just to get the gears in motion…

What about women makes me so shy?

Some men are shy because they don’t know what women like in a man they’re interested in.  This is why men get confused when she’s dating a man who he may think is all wrong for her.  Some women are not as special as you think.  This is why I say that women are not out of your league.  You have high quality women and you have low quality women.  When you get to the root of your shyness, you’ll be able to see the caliber of woman she really is no matter how hot she is.

Who am I… really?

This is a lifelong question that you’re gonna discover over the course of your life.  We have different stages in our lives and as we get older, we reach a new stage in our lives that makes the current stage not as important to us as it is now.  You want women to like you so you may do a lot of things to try to impress them.  As you get closer to knowing your real value as a man, you don’t care anymore.  You want women to be with you on your terms, so you try less and less to impress them.  Funny thing is this is when you’ll start meeting more quality women.

What areas of my life do I need to improve so I’ll be more confident?

Sometimes when we make small improvements in our lives, it gives us a rush of confidence.  Women see this and it has them checking for you.  Remember what I said about women loving when men have confidence.  This can be losing weight, making more money, running a marathon, etc.  When you achieve or conquer something, it makes you feel like you’re ready to take on the world.  Women can smell this attitude a mile away and they follow the scent, leading them straight to you.

When you discover your true self and unlock  your potential, you become more powerful.  Each person is different so you need to go on your own path of life that may be different from your best friend’s path.  So put one foot in front of the other and start your journey.

Actions To Take

1. Learn as much as you can about women.  The more you understand women, the easier it becomes to talk to them.  You’ll find out that each woman is different, but they do share similarities that you can use to your advantage.  You’ll see the beauty in some of these average-looking women, and you’ll see the ugliness in some of these women you think are so beautiful.  This is what’s gonna have you getting a more quality woman who’s gonna be a better addition to your life.

2. Get to the root of your shyness.  Work on asking yourself questions on why you’re not getting the women you want.  Get to know yourself better each day.  Knowing what you like and dislike will make it easier for you to know what you’ll allow and not allow when it comes to women.

3. Talk to different women to overcome the fear.  I always say talk to a lot of women because this is the only way you’re gonna get over your shyness.  You need to feel comfortable around women in order to start getting women.

It’s time to break out of that shyness.  Enter your name and email address and let me show you how…