Getting Rid Of Your Shyness--Women Can Smell Fear A Mile AwayWomen can smell fear a mile away.  That’s before you even approach her.  She shows signs of disinterest before you open your mouth.  When it comes to smelling fear, that’s just a figure of speech.  The thing giving you away is weak body language.  Women see this and it makes them believe that you’re not confident.  It shows in your posture.  It evens shows in the tone of your voice.  Change your attitude and it will show in your body language.

When you’re interested in a woman, don’t think about it too much.  Focus on the things that really matter…

  • Make sure you look good and smell good before you approach her.  When you smell bad, it can leave a bad impression.
  • Act quickly.  The quicker you act, the less time you have to think about all the negative things that are holding you back.
  • Focus on getting a response, whether it’s good or bad.  At least you’ll be sure how the woman feels about you

Like I always say, “the more you approach, the better you get”.  You may hear “yes” more often, which increases your confidence level.  Pretty soon women will smell your confidence a mile away.

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