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Her Shyness Can Rid You Of Your Shyness

Her Shyness Can Rid You Of Your ShynessHave you ever spoke to a woman who was shy?  When she talks to you, she may talk with her head down.  She may not give eye contact.  She may even talk so low to the point you can’t even hear her.  When you see this, you may think it’s kinda cute and it makes you become a little more braver when you talk to her.  She may think you’re very confident because you’re talking to her freely and giving her eye contact, even though you may be kinda shy yourself.

It’s easier to feel confident when the other person is shy.  You may be shy yourself, but not as bad as the the other person.  If the girl likes you, she’ll show signs of possibly being even more shy.  This is a golden opportunity to go in and ask her for her number, take her on a date, etc.  Being that you’re acting more confident, it will make you even more attractive in her eyes.  But you must make a move yourself, even if you are shy.  There’s nothing worst than two shy people who like each other… nothing happens.

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Rid Yourself Of Shyness–Are Women More Shy Than Men?

Rid Yourself Of Shyness--Are Women More Shy Than MenYou think you’re the only person who’s shy when you approach women?  Let me give you another perspective… her perspective.

Let’s say you like this woman.  Little do you know, she likes you too.  You’re not approaching her and she’s getting frustrated.  Why would she be frustrated with you?  Because she wants you to approach her and she’s too shy to approach you.  Plus, traditionally speaking, it’s the man’s job to approach the woman.  When a man approaches a woman, it shows he’s going for what he wants.  This is very masculine and women find masculinity in a man very sexy.

So with that being said, the next time you like a woman, just go up and start talking.  The feeling may be mutual.  Don’t put the burden on her to approach you.

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