Get Rid Of Shyness,Get WomenGet rid of shyness and the women will come.  Sounds impossible?  Not once I explain it.  You see women are attracted to men with confidence and strong body language.  Men who are shy display weak body language… even if they’re built like linebackers.  Men focus too much on what they say from their mouths instead of what they say with their bodies.  This is how that scrawny-looking dude got the girl.  He displayed strong body language while you looked timid when you approached her.

“Well I don’t believe you!  How can you get women with just strong body language?”

Some women like short men.  Some women like bald men.  Some women even like nerdy guys (this is actually true).  The thing they don’t like are weak men.  Women don’t like men with low self esteem.  As long as the short, bald, and nerdy guy has a high level of self confidence, he has a chance at getting the girl.  Some women will even tell you that looks don’t matter.  What matters most to them is confidence.  And the way to get this confidence–the universal attractor of women, you need to get rid of shyness.

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