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Rid Yourself Of Shyness–Are Women More Shy Than Men?

Rid Yourself Of Shyness--Are Women More Shy Than MenYou think you’re the only person who’s shy when you approach women?  Let me give you another perspective… her perspective.

Let’s say you like this woman.  Little do you know, she likes you too.  You’re not approaching her and she’s getting frustrated.  Why would she be frustrated with you?  Because she wants you to approach her and she’s too shy to approach you.  Plus, traditionally speaking, it’s the man’s job to approach the woman.  When a man approaches a woman, it shows he’s going for what he wants.  This is very masculine and women find masculinity in a man very sexy.

So with that being said, the next time you like a woman, just go up and start talking.  The feeling may be mutual.  Don’t put the burden on her to approach you.

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Rid Yourself Of Shyness That Repels The Women You Want To Attract

Rid Yourself Of Shyness That Repels The Women You Want To AttractWhen you’re sitting in the corner by yourself, hoping someone will talk to you instead of talking to them, this shows a big sign of weakness that will repel women.  I’m not talking about sitting in a corner because you want to be alone.  I’m talking about sitting in a corner because you’re too shy to go up and meet some new people.  This is the type of weak body language that will have you sitting alone for a very long time.  Rid yourself of shyness because this is the type of behavior that displays weakness.  Women can smell weakness a mile away.  These are the type of men who get women and think they’re lucky to have one.

If you want to attract women, you must displays traits of strength.  I’m not talking about bullying anyone or putting other people down.  This is actually a sign of weakness.  It means you are weak, so in order to feel strong, you must pick on a person you feel is weaker than you.  I’m talking about the kind of strength that men with confidence have.  They don’t have to try hard, they just do what they do and people will respond to them.  The reason why men sit in the corner is because they don’t think they have anything to offer to the conversation, but they hope someone comes up and validates them.  Confident men will see a woman he likes, introduce himself, and start talking (or a variation of that).  Weak men will hope the woman will approach him first.  I use to have this attitude as a kid.  I would see a girl I liked and hope she would asked me out or talk to me first.  As I got older, I started talking to women first.  I liked them and wanted to find out if the feeling was mutual.

You’re not gonna be liked by everyone, but if you like someone, you want to see if they feel the same way.  The only way to do that is by talking to them first.  They may be thinking about something else, not notice you because you’re not in their radar.  As soon as you approach them, show them that charisma you possess (everyone has it, it just has to be developed), and now you’ll be in their radar.  If you left a lasting impression on them, they may come up and talk to you the next time they see you.

So how do you rid yourself of shyness and start attracting women with strong body language?

Give Eye Contact

In some cultures eye contact is a form of disrespect to your elders, in others, it’s disrespectful to not look at someone when they’re talking to you.  Generally speaking, you want to give eye contact to show you’re not intimidated by them and you’re listening.  Listening to a woman shows you’re showing her respect, something women like in a man.  Just don’t give her a creepy stare.  She may get a rapey vibe from you.

Sit And Stand Like You Belong There

Some people will try to hide in plain sight.  They’ll take up the least amount of space as if they’re in the way.  When you sit and stand like you belong there, this shows people that they can include you in their conversation or activity.  Sit up straight and look out and around you.  Sit back and take in the atmosphere.  Stand up strong to show you have a backbone.

Walk With Your Head Up

When you walk with your head down, you look like you’re depressed.  Women don’t want to deal with depressed men… especially if she’s fun-loving.  When you walk with your head up, it looks like you have something going on.  Women want to be with a man who has something going on.  It shows he’s important.   Hot women, average-looking women, fat women, it doesn’t matter.  Women want to be with a man who’s important.

Speak Like You Mean It

When you talk low as if you don’t want people to hear you, they’re gonna talk over you and you won’t be heard when you want to.  When you speak, talk at a volume you can be heard.  Don’t speak too low that it sounds like you’re whispering.  Don’t speak too loud like you’re yelling (only if you need to yell).  The time you should be talking low is if you’re talking to a woman up close and personal.  Get your voice at it’s deepest, look into her eyes, and talk.

Strong body language is not only important to attract women, but it’s also important to command the respect of other men.  If you’re out with a hot women and you display weak body language, other men will try to talk to your date.  If he possesses strong confidence and body language, he may take your girl right from under you.

Actions To Take

1. If you’re too shy to hold eye contact, look in the mirror and practice looking yourself in the eye.  If you can’t even look yourself in the eye, then you definitely need to practice this exercise often.

2. When you’re out and about, take in your environment.  Look around you, smell the air, listen to the sounds.  Taking in your environment heightens your senses.  You do this, you’ll notice things you may have not noticed before, like that cute girl staring at you across the room.

3. Break your weak body language habits.  If you catch yourself looking down at your feet when people talk to you, bring your eyes back up to theirs.  It takes time to condition strong body language if you have a habit of weak body language.

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