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Is Your Confidence Being Blocked By Shyness?

Is Your Confidence Being Blocked By ShynessBlocked confidence is common in some men.  The reason why is because they focus on the wrong things.  “What ifs” are what makes it hard for you to get the courage to talk to women you want to meet.  You think, “What if she rejects me?”, “What if I don’t meet her expectations?”, etc.  Well, in order to unblock that confidence and let it “flow” through your personality, you have to stop caring so much.  When you stop caring too much, you start to get in-tune with yourself.

Getting in-tune with yourself is knowing what you like and dislike.  It’s knowing what you’ll accept and not accept from women… even if you do like them a lot.  Most men want the girl so bad, they’ll throw all self-respect out the window.  In order to get the woman, you must keep your self-respect in tact and make sure she respects you as well.  Speak freely and honestly, but still keep an air of mystery about yourself.  Women like men who can keep them on their toes, so don’t worry about saying everything she wants to hear.  If you’re honest with her, she may not like it, but she’ll respect you for being honest with her.  When you form a relationship, she’ll grow to like you.

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Get Rid Of Shyness–Dating Out Of Your League

Get Rid Of Shyness--Dating Out Of Your LeagueWhen you say a woman is out of your league, it sends a very negative message to your brain.  It’s telling yourself you’re not worthy of a quality woman.  You’re not worthy of the women you really want, so settle for sub-par women instead.  In this post, I’m gonna briefly explain why you want to try to get the so-called “out of your league” women.  Get ready to get your mind blown!

When you attempt to date women who you consider out of your league, it makes you want to become a better man.  You may dress a little better.  You may want to go back to school.  You may just want to be more comfortable around women.  When all you approach are hot women, you’re bound to get one.  When you get one, other hot women may start checking for you.  The unattractive women may think you’re out of their league!

So what do you do when you see a hot woman?  Talk to her and see what happens!

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Get Rid Of Shyness–You Will Never Run Out Of Women To Approach

Get Rid Of Shyness--You Will Never Run Out Of Women To ApproachWomen are everywhere and will always be around.  You go into a bookstore, you’ll see women.  You go into a library, you’ll see women.  You go to the beach and you’ll see tons of women.  But a shortage of women is not the problem… it’s a shortage of attractive women.  If I told you that if you approach the hottest woman in your area, could you do it?  Would you have a scarcity mentality and think you don’t want to waste the opportunity by getting rejected?  Well, what if I told you that if you talk to her, and possibly get rejected, you’ll see another woman that looks ten times better than her.  Would you approach her then?

The problem with being shy with women is the scarcity mentality.  Hot women are everywhere.  I know, I know that the women you see everyday are either average-looking or unattractive, but you will meet hot women from time to time. It may not be that day, but you  may see her the next day or the next week.  So what you want to do is talk to hot women and know that there will be another one right around the corner if you don’t get the one in front of you.

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Getting Rid Of Your Shyness–Women Can Smell Fear A Mile Away

Getting Rid Of Your Shyness--Women Can Smell Fear A Mile AwayWomen can smell fear a mile away.  That’s before you even approach her.  She shows signs of disinterest before you open your mouth.  When it comes to smelling fear, that’s just a figure of speech.  The thing giving you away is weak body language.  Women see this and it makes them believe that you’re not confident.  It shows in your posture.  It evens shows in the tone of your voice.  Change your attitude and it will show in your body language.

When you’re interested in a woman, don’t think about it too much.  Focus on the things that really matter…

  • Make sure you look good and smell good before you approach her.  When you smell bad, it can leave a bad impression.
  • Act quickly.  The quicker you act, the less time you have to think about all the negative things that are holding you back.
  • Focus on getting a response, whether it’s good or bad.  At least you’ll be sure how the woman feels about you

Like I always say, “the more you approach, the better you get”.  You may hear “yes” more often, which increases your confidence level.  Pretty soon women will smell your confidence a mile away.

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Get Rid Of Shyness–Are You Dating Unattractive Women Because You’re Shy?

Get Rid Of Shyness--Are You Dating Unattractive Women Because You're Shy?You may get women.  You may get laid by a lot of women.  You’re getting women, you’re getting laid, but you’re not satisfied.  Not because you’re looking for something deeper, but because the women you’re getting are unattractive.  The women you really want look like models and music video girls.  These are the way you want your women to look, not like the “before” picture of a diet commercial.  Here’s the problem… you’re too shy to get them.  Even though you get women, you’re still too shy to get the women you’re truly attracted to.

Stop and think about what I just said and let me repeat it because it’s worth repeating.

“Even though you get women, you’re still too shy to get the women you’re truly attracted to”

Whatever attractive is to you, you’re not getting those women.  The type of women you feel proud to walk around in public with.  You may be saying, “Well, looks aren’t everything” and you’re right, but there are attractive women who are good people, you know.  There are hot women who can bring something to the table in a relationship besides her body.  So if you’re saying looks aren’t everything, that’s a deflection to what’s really the problem… you’re too shy to get the attractive women you REALLY want.

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