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Get Rid Of Shyness–How Beautiful Women Intimidate Men

Get Rid Of Shyness--How Beautiful Women Intimidate MenBeauty is intimidating to most men.  It’s actually more intimidating than a physical altercation.  A 300-lb man may be ready to fight another man his size, but he may hide away from a woman who only weights about 100 lbs.  Not that she’s gonna beat him up, but she may possibly reject him.  The fear of rejection is strong, so strong that some men would rather risk an ass whoopin’ than get rejected by a beautiful woman they’ve had a crush on for years.  Men learn how to fight at an early age, but they don’t learn how to approach and attract women until they’re probably in high school.

Beautiful women intimidate men the same way taking the winning shot intimidates an athlete.  You want it so bad, but what if you miss?  What if you get rejected?  Rejection hurts, losing games hurt, but the biggest champions in the game (sport and dating) are the ones who get rejected the most.  The ones who lose the most games.  To them, each failure is one step closer to success.  When you look at the stats of people who hold shooting and home run records, you’ll see they’ve failed, what seems like, too many times.  But the thing is they’ve failed all the way to the Hall Of Fame where they hold the record for Home Runs or Three-Pointers.  If you look at the “stats” of a man who has been laid by tons of beautiful women, you’ll see he has been rejected many times.  But when he finally settles down, he’ll look back and say, “All those beautiful women who rejected don’t matter… I have sleep with a lot of beautiful women and the woman I’m with now is beautiful and makes me happy”.

Don’t let beauty intimidate you.  Let it inspire you to approach even more.

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Having A Scarcity Mentality Makes You Shy Approaching Women

Having A Scarcity Mentality Makes You Shy Approaching WomenWhen there’s a limited supply of something, the last thing you want to do is waste it.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “This Is The End”, you’ll notice how angry everyone got when Danny McBride cooked every piece of food that everyone had to survive on for, god knows how long.  Fortunately, it’s not the same with women.  There are literally billions of women on this planet and no matter where you go, you’re gonna bump into one.  It may be slim pickings in some areas, but you’ll see a few women who pique your interest every now and again.

Like I always say, “You get rejected by one woman, there is a woman who is better looking and has a better personality right around the corner”.  It may not be that same day or even that same week, but she’ll pop up when you least expect it.  This means you’ll never run out of attractive women to approach.  Each woman you see is an opportunity.  So don’t run away from the chance… take it.

What does all this mean to you?  The more you approach, the more practice you’ll get and the more comfortable you’ll be approaching women.  When you get comfortable, you start to appear more confident in the woman’s eyes (and you’ll feel more confident as well).  Ultimately, you’ll get more women saying yes than they have in the past.

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Keeping Your Shyness In Check

Keeping Your Shyness In CheckSome of us men like to play it cool, but deep down we are way more shy than we would like to admit.  When it comes to taking that cute girl, we met the other day on a date, we sometimes make excuses on why we can’t.  You know the real reason… you’re still shy.  You still haven’t checked your shyness, so instead you pretend like you’re not shy but you still are.  This is a problem because you’re sweeping the real problem under the rug.  When you sweep your shyness under the rug, you’re gonna keep tripping over it when it comes to women.

Wanna check your shyness?  All it takes is a little self-realization.  Admit to yourself that you’re still shy.  Once you say it out loud, the problem surfaces, making it easier for you to check your shyness when the time comes to escalate things with the women you meet.  You may be really good at getting phone numbers, flirting, and approaching women, but you’re still shy when it comes to being intimate with these women.  Once you admit you’re still shy, you can catch yourself each time you find yourself making excuses.  Once you do that the only thing to do is take immediate action.  The quicker the better… it gives you less time to think.

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What To Do To Get Rid Of Shyness

What To Do To Get Rid Of ShynessFor some people, being comfortable is an uphill battle.  You put them in a social environment and the first place they’ll go to is the wall.  You’ll may be talking to people, laughing it up, or dancing, meanwhile they’re just watching everyone having a good time, waiting for someone to approach them.  If you’re a good-looking woman you can get away with this.  If you’re a “good-looking” dude, you may have a woman or two approach you.  But if you’re average-looking or below average-looking, no one is gonna introduce themselves.  If they do, it may be out of pity.  Pity is something you don’t want.  Women don’t feel good about men who they pity.  Sometimes women will give you pity sex, but she may regret it afterwards.  Meanwhile, you’re just so happy you “got some”, not knowing that she’s thinking about avoiding you anytime she sees you.

What do you  do to get rid of shyness?  You must go into a situation and feel like you belong there.  “Yeah, but how”, you say?  You put yourself in that situation or situations like it again and again.  You need to go out and meet new people on a regular basis.  You need to talk to women any chance you get.  Don’t make it into a special event… you’re gonna feel even more shy.  Do it as if it’s normal.  When you treat something special, it makes you feel like there’s something on the line.  If you treat it like regular thing, you’re gonna feel like there’s nothing at stake so the only thing you need to do is just take action.

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Get Rid Of Shyness–The Thinking That Keeps You Shy

Get Rid Of Shyness--The Thinking That Keeps You ShyWhat you think can affect the way you feel.  When you focus on negative thinking, it affects your confidence.  Instead of thinking of all possibilities, you think of all the restrictions.  You could have all the money you can spend, cars that most people wish they could drive, etc. you still won’t feel confident if you have self doubts.

So what’s the thinking that keeps you shy?

  • Putting yourself down and elevating others… even when other people don’t deserve elevation
  • Afraid to approach because you have the dreaded “what ifs” (what if she has a boyfriend, what if she doesn’t like me, etc.)
  • Not seeing the greatness within you, but see everything that’s wrong with you

This way of thinking is what has men paralyzed in fear when it’s time for them to take action with women.  You don’t know what happens unless you walk up and see what happens.  Don’t be afraid to get rejected because the regret will eat you up in the long run.

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