Getting Rid Of Shyness Will Increase Your Self Worth And ConfidenceWhen you feel worthy, your shyness decreases.  Your confidence level raises and you feel like you’re validated.  But some men are still shy, even if they are successful.  So how can you improve yourself so your confidence improves with women?  Well, your confidence improves with women not by your money and accolades, but how you feel about yourself.  So if you  feel good because you’re making money and the women are around you, you may lose that good feeling when the money runs out and the women leave with it.  Now you’re back to square one!

Your self-worth comes from improving yourself within.  That means becoming a better person.  If you’re working out and getting healthy, you’re gonna feel good within.  If you’re making a lot of money, as long as the journey improves your self-worth, that’s improving within.  When the money runs out, you know you have the power to make possible twice as much in a shorter period of time.  Power is a good feeling, this is what attracts women.  Power makes you feel good within when you’ve earned it.  If power is just given to you, you may feel unworthy in the back of your mind.

So what am I saying?  Improve yourself by learning, doing, and achieving your goals.

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