Is Your Confidence Being Blocked By ShynessBlocked confidence is common in some men.  The reason why is because they focus on the wrong things.  “What ifs” are what makes it hard for you to get the courage to talk to women you want to meet.  You think, “What if she rejects me?”, “What if I don’t meet her expectations?”, etc.  Well, in order to unblock that confidence and let it “flow” through your personality, you have to stop caring so much.  When you stop caring too much, you start to get in-tune with yourself.

Getting in-tune with yourself is knowing what you like and dislike.  It’s knowing what you’ll accept and not accept from women… even if you do like them a lot.  Most men want the girl so bad, they’ll throw all self-respect out the window.  In order to get the woman, you must keep your self-respect in tact and make sure she respects you as well.  Speak freely and honestly, but still keep an air of mystery about yourself.  Women like men who can keep them on their toes, so don’t worry about saying everything she wants to hear.  If you’re honest with her, she may not like it, but she’ll respect you for being honest with her.  When you form a relationship, she’ll grow to like you.

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