Get Rid Of Shyness--Dating Out Of Your LeagueWhen you say a woman is out of your league, it sends a very negative message to your brain.  It’s telling yourself you’re not worthy of a quality woman.  You’re not worthy of the women you really want, so settle for sub-par women instead.  In this post, I’m gonna briefly explain why you want to try to get the so-called “out of your league” women.  Get ready to get your mind blown!

When you attempt to date women who you consider out of your league, it makes you want to become a better man.  You may dress a little better.  You may want to go back to school.  You may just want to be more comfortable around women.  When all you approach are hot women, you’re bound to get one.  When you get one, other hot women may start checking for you.  The unattractive women may think you’re out of their league!

So what do you do when you see a hot woman?  Talk to her and see what happens!

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