Having A Scarcity Mentality Makes You Shy Approaching WomenWhen there’s a limited supply of something, the last thing you want to do is waste it.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “This Is The End”, you’ll notice how angry everyone got when Danny McBride cooked every piece of food that everyone had to survive on for, god knows how long.  Fortunately, it’s not the same with women.  There are literally billions of women on this planet and no matter where you go, you’re gonna bump into one.  It may be slim pickings in some areas, but you’ll see a few women who pique your interest every now and again.

Like I always say, “You get rejected by one woman, there is a woman who is better looking and has a better personality right around the corner”.  It may not be that same day or even that same week, but she’ll pop up when you least expect it.  This means you’ll never run out of attractive women to approach.  Each woman you see is an opportunity.  So don’t run away from the chance… take it.

What does all this mean to you?  The more you approach, the more practice you’ll get and the more comfortable you’ll be approaching women.  When you get comfortable, you start to appear more confident in the woman’s eyes (and you’ll feel more confident as well).  Ultimately, you’ll get more women saying yes than they have in the past.

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