Shyness Is All In Your Mind--Getting Rid Of Those Thoughts Making You ShyYou know something funny?  This shyness you have is all in your head.  You are picturing the worst case scenario and letting it control you.  You would rather be safe than get rejected… that’s if you even get rejected.  How do you know you’ll even get rejected?  When you expect to get rejected, you have a higher chance of getting rejected because you’re gonna display weak body language.  The way to get rid of shyness is to get rid of those thoughts making you shy.

Imagine a time when you had a craving for your favorite food.  You went to one store, but it was closed.  You went to another store, but they were sold out of that thing you were craving most.  Does this mean you get shy or be too afraid to keep looking?  Of course not!  If you can’t find a store that has it that day, and you still have the craving the next day, you’re gonna keep looking until you find it.  The first place you’ll go to is that store that was closed the day before.

The same principle can apply to women.  If you want to get women, go and approach them.  If one rejects you, talk to another one.  Keep doing this until you finally get what you want.  If you think about it the same way you thought about that food you had a craving for (just don’t look like you’re desperate), it won’t feel like you’re being rejected.  You just gotta find the place that has what you want.

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