How To Get Rid Of Shyness Talking To Attractive Women“There she is!  Go talk to her, man.”

We’ve all been in a situation where we were attracted to a woman, told our friends, and they’ve encouraged us to talk to her.  The only problem is we’re scared.  Not because the woman is gonna beat  us up, but our ego is gonna get crushed IF she rejects us.  I emphasis “if” because it’s not a guarantee she’ll say no.  A lot of men have what I call “Automatic Rejection Syndrome“.  They think just because the woman is attractive she’s gonna reject him automatically, so what he’ll do is reject himself by not stepping to her and seeing what happens.  In order to get rid of shyness talking to attractive women, you need a better understanding on a few things.

You Confidence Gives You A Bigger Advantage

When women see men who step to them with confidence, it lets the man get his foot in the door a lot faster.  I’m not saying confidence is going to guarantee that she’ll say yes, but it will give you a greater advantage.  The thing is women don’t want to date wimpy losers, so when you act shy and fearful, it sends a message to her that you may potentially be a wimpy loser.  Don’t confuse “loser” with getting rejected because the most successful men with women have been rejected hundreds of times.  The only difference is that their confidence has given them that advantage that keeps them going until they get what they want.

Attractive Women Are Shy Too

Have you ever spoken to a woman and she looked like she was a little uneasy.  This isn’t because she can’t wait until you stop talking to her and she’s too polite to tell you to leave her alone, but she acts this way with all the men who she finds attractive.  The only thing is men find shyness in a woman kinda cute.  On the flip side, women don’t find shyness in a man that attractive… unless the man is attractive himself.  If you speak to some women, they’ll tell you all the things they don’t like about themselves instead of focusing on the thing that makes them attractive in the first place.  This very thing may be the thing that makes them shy.

Attractive Women Are Attracted To You Too

I bet if you spoke to some of the cute girls from your high school years, you may be shocked to find out that some of them had a little crush on you.  The problem was you didn’t know it because you had Automatic Rejection Syndrome.  Some women like certain men.  These men may be traditionally “unattractive” but there is something about these men that they like.  It doesn’t matter how attractive the woman is, it’s what she likes.  Just because she’s attractive doesn’t mean she’s only attracted to attractive men.

I’m sure if you’re reading this that you’re not hideous, so getting an attractive woman may be easier than you think.  So anytime you see beautiful women you want to see that as an opportunity instead of another woman who’s gonna reject you.  So stop thinking she’s gonna reject you and just go up and talk.


Actions To Take

1. Clear your mind of all the garbage that’s making you feel like attractive women are out of your league.  I show you the steps on how to clear your mind in my eBook, The Confidence Skyscraper.  You should grab your copy right now.  It will show you how to get a strong foundation of real confidence that’s gonna help you approach attractive women with less fear.

2. Start out by saying a simple hello to the women you pass by.  Don’t expect fireworks, just do this to get over the fear of talking to attractive women.  If she’s receptive and starts talking to you, don’t be afraid to keep the conversation going.

3. Don’t worry about pick up lines.  Use the situation to talk to her.  For example, you’re on line at a fast food restaurant and a woman is behind you, look over your shoulder and ask her for a suggestion.  This can be the start of a beautiful relationship.  Simplicity sometimes gives you better results than elaborate gimmicks.

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