Get Rid Of Your Shyness--Why Approaching Women Is SexyWomen don’t find every man sexy who approaches them, but the men who they do find sexy, they want them to approach them as soon as possible.  I know what you may be thinking, “Women don’t think I’m sexy so why even bother?”  Well, let me ask you this… how do you know women don’t find you sexy?  There’s no way of knowing because most women aren’t gonna shout, “Hey, you, I think you’re sexy!”

I will say this… confidence is sexy.  When you approach a woman, it shows your level of confidence.  She may have not noticed you until you approached her.  She may have been checking you out every time your back was turned.  You don’t know unless you go up and find out.  Sadly, some men get stuck in their heads and think of the worst case scenario.  Once you stop thinking so much, you’re gonna start approaching women a lot more.

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