Get Rid Of Shyness--You Will Never Run Out Of Women To ApproachWomen are everywhere and will always be around.  You go into a bookstore, you’ll see women.  You go into a library, you’ll see women.  You go to the beach and you’ll see tons of women.  But a shortage of women is not the problem… it’s a shortage of attractive women.  If I told you that if you approach the hottest woman in your area, could you do it?  Would you have a scarcity mentality and think you don’t want to waste the opportunity by getting rejected?  Well, what if I told you that if you talk to her, and possibly get rejected, you’ll see another woman that looks ten times better than her.  Would you approach her then?

The problem with being shy with women is the scarcity mentality.  Hot women are everywhere.  I know, I know that the women you see everyday are either average-looking or unattractive, but you will meet hot women from time to time. It may not be that day, but you  may see her the next day or the next week.  So what you want to do is talk to hot women and know that there will be another one right around the corner if you don’t get the one in front of you.

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