Get Rid Of Shyness--The Thinking That Keeps You ShyWhat you think can affect the way you feel.  When you focus on negative thinking, it affects your confidence.  Instead of thinking of all possibilities, you think of all the restrictions.  You could have all the money you can spend, cars that most people wish they could drive, etc. you still won’t feel confident if you have self doubts.

So what’s the thinking that keeps you shy?

  • Putting yourself down and elevating others… even when other people don’t deserve elevation
  • Afraid to approach because you have the dreaded “what ifs” (what if she has a boyfriend, what if she doesn’t like me, etc.)
  • Not seeing the greatness within you, but see everything that’s wrong with you

This way of thinking is what has men paralyzed in fear when it’s time for them to take action with women.  You don’t know what happens unless you walk up and see what happens.  Don’t be afraid to get rejected because the regret will eat you up in the long run.

So how can you get rid of that thinking that keeps you shy?  The first thing you do is get the help you need by clicking the link below…

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