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Get Rid Of Shyness–Finally Approaching Your Crush And Asking Her Out

Get Rid Of Shyness--Finally Approaching Your Crush And Asking Her OutThere she is… the girl of your dreams.  You’ve had dreams about this person for so long.  You’ve never had the courage to talk to her because you were paralyzed by fear.  Not because she’s mean.  As a matter of fact, she’s very warm and friendly.  No, you’re paralyzed by fear because you think she’s completely out of your league.  You think she’s gonna reject you.  But today’s different.  You’re gonna make a move!  You are finally gonna approach your crush!

I’m about to tell you something that’s gonna help you for the rest of your life.  This crush you may have is only the beginning.  So if she does reject you for whatever the reason, don’t trip.  She’s the type of girl you’re suppose to be approaching because you like her.  When you have a crush, the more you approach, the easier it becomes.  She may be your first crush, but she won’t be your last.

So what does this mean?  The moment you have a crush, approach her quick so it gets easier each time you have a crush.

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Powerful Tips That Will Help You Get Rid Of Shyness

3 Powerful Tips That Will Help You Get Rid Of ShynessSometimes getting rid of your shyness is a challenge.  You’re paralyzed by fear to actually take action.  You’re thinking of all the possible ways you’re gonna fail or get rejected.  With all this going on, of course you’re gonna be shy and fearful of women.  What I’m gonna do is make it very simple for you by giving you some tips to help you out.

  • Never get attached to women attached to women you don’t know.  If she rejects you, it won’t matter.  If she’s willing to talk to you and take things further, this is when you want to get to know her.
  • Practice being direct and don’t waste valuable on trying to impress the girl.  If you get her or not will be determined early and you can move on if you need to.
  • Before you leave the house, make sure you look good, smell good, so you can feel good.  When you feel good about how you look, your confidence will shine.

I don’t expect you to get this right away, but the more you practice the more success you’ll have.

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Her Shyness Can Rid You Of Your Shyness

Her Shyness Can Rid You Of Your ShynessHave you ever spoke to a woman who was shy?  When she talks to you, she may talk with her head down.  She may not give eye contact.  She may even talk so low to the point you can’t even hear her.  When you see this, you may think it’s kinda cute and it makes you become a little more braver when you talk to her.  She may think you’re very confident because you’re talking to her freely and giving her eye contact, even though you may be kinda shy yourself.

It’s easier to feel confident when the other person is shy.  You may be shy yourself, but not as bad as the the other person.  If the girl likes you, she’ll show signs of possibly being even more shy.  This is a golden opportunity to go in and ask her for her number, take her on a date, etc.  Being that you’re acting more confident, it will make you even more attractive in her eyes.  But you must make a move yourself, even if you are shy.  There’s nothing worst than two shy people who like each other… nothing happens.

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Shyness Is All In Your Head–Getting Rid Of Those Thoughts Making You Shy

Shyness Is All In Your Mind--Getting Rid Of Those Thoughts Making You ShyYou know something funny?  This shyness you have is all in your head.  You are picturing the worst case scenario and letting it control you.  You would rather be safe than get rejected… that’s if you even get rejected.  How do you know you’ll even get rejected?  When you expect to get rejected, you have a higher chance of getting rejected because you’re gonna display weak body language.  The way to get rid of shyness is to get rid of those thoughts making you shy.

Imagine a time when you had a craving for your favorite food.  You went to one store, but it was closed.  You went to another store, but they were sold out of that thing you were craving most.  Does this mean you get shy or be too afraid to keep looking?  Of course not!  If you can’t find a store that has it that day, and you still have the craving the next day, you’re gonna keep looking until you find it.  The first place you’ll go to is that store that was closed the day before.

The same principle can apply to women.  If you want to get women, go and approach them.  If one rejects you, talk to another one.  Keep doing this until you finally get what you want.  If you think about it the same way you thought about that food you had a craving for (just don’t look like you’re desperate), it won’t feel like you’re being rejected.  You just gotta find the place that has what you want.

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Get Rid Of Your Shyness–Why Approaching Women Is Sexy

Get Rid Of Your Shyness--Why Approaching Women Is SexyWomen don’t find every man sexy who approaches them, but the men who they do find sexy, they want them to approach them as soon as possible.  I know what you may be thinking, “Women don’t think I’m sexy so why even bother?”  Well, let me ask you this… how do you know women don’t find you sexy?  There’s no way of knowing because most women aren’t gonna shout, “Hey, you, I think you’re sexy!”

I will say this… confidence is sexy.  When you approach a woman, it shows your level of confidence.  She may have not noticed you until you approached her.  She may have been checking you out every time your back was turned.  You don’t know unless you go up and find out.  Sadly, some men get stuck in their heads and think of the worst case scenario.  Once you stop thinking so much, you’re gonna start approaching women a lot more.

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