Get Rid Of Social Shyness–Feeling Inadequate Around People

Get Rid Of Social Shyness--Feeling Inadequate Around PeopleDoes this sound familiar to you?  You like this girl.  She’s beautiful–big beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, amazing body, etc.  Every time you see her, you can’t work up the courage to talk to her.  Why is that?  Is it because she’s gonna bite your head off?  Is it because if you talk to her, she’s gonna run away?  No, it’s a little deeper than that and you’re making every excuse in the book on why you’re not talking to her.  “She may have a boyfriend”, “She looks like she doesn’t want to be bothered”, etc.  The real reason why you can’t talk to her is because you feel inadequate.  You think she’s out of your league.

You’re not alone feeling this way.  Believe it or not but some women feel inadequate as well.  But this is about you.  Feeling inadequate around people links to being shy.  Men who are shy don’t take the actions they need in order to get what they want.  This is why these shy men don’t get the girl, they have the girl cry on their shoulders because her and her boyfriend got into an argument.  Feeling inadequate doesn’t stop with the girls you like, it goes into other areas of your life.  You may miss a lot of parties because you feel like the people who are gonna be at the party won’t like you.   You may miss out on getting that job you wanted because you feel like it’s too good for you.

So how do you get rid of social shyness?

Stop Trying Too Hard To Impress Other People

When you feel like someone is better than you, you may feel the need to prove yourself.  The problem is trying too hard makes you look weak.  As I said in my previous posts, confidence is everything.  Confident people don’t try hard to impress, they improve themselves so all they have to do is “do”.  Confident men don’t try hard to impress women, they just approach, talk, and see if there’s chemistry between him and her.  Confident people don’t try hard to make friends, they make friends by the kinds of people they are.  But keep in mind that confident people always work on improving themselves… even if it means taking a lose.

There’s No Such Thing As “Out Of Your League”

When you take yourself out of a person’s “league”, you have made yourself less than that person or those people.  Social shyness is really being shy because you feel that the you’re less than the people around you.  I don’t care if you’re talking to a lingerie model.  I don’t care if you’re talking to a billionaire… no one should be out of your league.  Understand and internalize this, and you’ll see your attitude improve when it comes to socializing and approaching women.

Work On Improving Yourself Regularly

The reason why people feel inadequate is because they may not be competent in certain areas of their lives.  You may not be good at talking to people, so you feel inadequate talking to people.  You can’t be good at everything, so you want to improve the most in areas of your life you feel are important.  You may need to read a book, watch videos, or listen to audios, but whatever you do, you want to practice so you’ll get better.

Get rid of shyness by being a better person.  In order to stop the feeling of being inadequate, you have to be a better man.  When this happens, your confidence will increase, making you get the results you want.

Actions To Take

1. Get in the habit of reading and watching video on areas you would like to improve.

2. Practice in the areas of your life you would like to improve.  If you don’t practice, those books and videos are just forms of entertainment.

3. Give yourself time.  Be patient because big improvements don’t happen overnight.

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Get Rid Of Shyness And Fear–I Don’t Know What To Say To Women

Get Rid Of Shyness--I Don't Know What To Say To WomenYou hear it all the time, “There’s this girl that I like, but I don’t know what to say to her”.  When you like women, you want them to like you back, right?  Well, men think that if they say the right things, women will open their legs immediately.  Well, there’s an old saying, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”.  Women respond to how men say things, not the things they say for the most part.  So someone could tell you exactly what to say, but if it comes off corny or it sounds like you’re scared, it’s not gonna have the same impact as it would from a man with tons of confidence just saying a simple hello.  So when you open your mouth, it’s all about your confidence, not the words coming out of your mouth.  The words coming out of your mouth is important, but not as important as you think.

Did you know that if you have a high level of confidence you can get a date without saying much?  A lot of men think they need to dominate the conversation in order to get the girl interested in them.  Most of the time if you listen to what she’s telling you, it makes you seem interesting as well.  Your interest makes you seem interesting!  Funny how that works.  Let me demonstrate the power of listening on you.

Let’s say you have an average looking woman talking to you.  She’s not talking much but she looks interested in what you have to say, she’s laughing at you attempts of jokes, and she’s saying, “Then what happened”.  How do you feel?  Don’t you feel good?  Don’t you have the confidence to ask her for her number?  If she asked for your number, would you say yes?  When you are interested in a person’s conversation genuinely, it builds chemistry and you wouldn’t mind hanging out with this person on a non-sexual level.  You’ll have stuff to talk about even if what you’re saying is trivial.

So how can you get rid of shyness and fear and know what to say to women?

An Introduction Is A Good Start

I know this seem elementary, but a greeting is the first thing you do.  “Hello”, “Hi”, “What’s up”, etc.  You don’t need corny pick up lines to get her attention, all it takes is a simple greeting and knowing how to HOLD a conversation for a certain period of time.

A Conversation Doesn’t Have To Be Hours Long To Be Interesting

When you engage someone in a conversation, it can be two minutes or it can be two hours.  Conversations are all about feeling a person out and seeing if you have chemistry.  Some women can be super hot, but the conversations are not that great.  All you want to do is see her naked to be entertained.  Then there are women who may be average-looking, but you can’t wait until you see her so you can talk to her about trivial BS.  Anyway, conversations can be brief and you can have may small conversations with a person and the both of you can enjoy each encounter.  Let’s just say you have a time constraint where you can only talk for about 2-3 minutes.  You can say, “Listen, I gotta go, but I wanna talk to you some more.  Let me get your number so we can talk later.”  If she likes the conversation, she’ll gladly give you her number and pick up when you do call her.

Everyone Loves A Good Story

We all have things happen to us or happen to people we know.  When you tell people a story about something that happened to you or someone you know, you may have people engaged immediately.  The trick to telling a good story is being descriptive so the person can picture it in their heads.  This may take a little practice but once you feel confident to talk about yourself and have all eyes on you, you’ll have something talk about all the time.  Also, ask the person a question that will have them tell you a story as well.  You don’t have to be the only entertaining one.

When it comes to talking to women, all it takes is confidence and a little chemistry.  You’re not gonna have chemistry with everyone, but the people you do, you’re gonna notice that they’re looking forward to talking to you and you won’t have to worry about what to say… you’ll just speak and get the results you want.

Actions To Take

1. Keep It Simple.  When you speak to people, don’t try to impress them but leave a good impression.  Speak with confidence and do your best to keep eye contact to let them know you’re listening to them when they speak.

2. Be interesting.  Sometimes by speaking with enthusiasm and articulation, can convey that you’re an interesting person.  Feel free to use hand gestures to emphasis points and act out certain points in your story.

3. Always display strong body language.  Your body language is the most important thing in the conversation because it speaks the most.  When you look confident, people will enjoy your conversation a lot better.

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Rid Yourself Of Shyness That Repels The Women You Want To Attract

Rid Yourself Of Shyness That Repels The Women You Want To AttractWhen you’re sitting in the corner by yourself, hoping someone will talk to you instead of talking to them, this shows a big sign of weakness that will repel women.  I’m not talking about sitting in a corner because you want to be alone.  I’m talking about sitting in a corner because you’re too shy to go up and meet some new people.  This is the type of weak body language that will have you sitting alone for a very long time.  Rid yourself of shyness because this is the type of behavior that displays weakness.  Women can smell weakness a mile away.  These are the type of men who get women and think they’re lucky to have one.

If you want to attract women, you must displays traits of strength.  I’m not talking about bullying anyone or putting other people down.  This is actually a sign of weakness.  It means you are weak, so in order to feel strong, you must pick on a person you feel is weaker than you.  I’m talking about the kind of strength that men with confidence have.  They don’t have to try hard, they just do what they do and people will respond to them.  The reason why men sit in the corner is because they don’t think they have anything to offer to the conversation, but they hope someone comes up and validates them.  Confident men will see a woman he likes, introduce himself, and start talking (or a variation of that).  Weak men will hope the woman will approach him first.  I use to have this attitude as a kid.  I would see a girl I liked and hope she would asked me out or talk to me first.  As I got older, I started talking to women first.  I liked them and wanted to find out if the feeling was mutual.

You’re not gonna be liked by everyone, but if you like someone, you want to see if they feel the same way.  The only way to do that is by talking to them first.  They may be thinking about something else, not notice you because you’re not in their radar.  As soon as you approach them, show them that charisma you possess (everyone has it, it just has to be developed), and now you’ll be in their radar.  If you left a lasting impression on them, they may come up and talk to you the next time they see you.

So how do you rid yourself of shyness and start attracting women with strong body language?

Give Eye Contact

In some cultures eye contact is a form of disrespect to your elders, in others, it’s disrespectful to not look at someone when they’re talking to you.  Generally speaking, you want to give eye contact to show you’re not intimidated by them and you’re listening.  Listening to a woman shows you’re showing her respect, something women like in a man.  Just don’t give her a creepy stare.  She may get a rapey vibe from you.

Sit And Stand Like You Belong There

Some people will try to hide in plain sight.  They’ll take up the least amount of space as if they’re in the way.  When you sit and stand like you belong there, this shows people that they can include you in their conversation or activity.  Sit up straight and look out and around you.  Sit back and take in the atmosphere.  Stand up strong to show you have a backbone.

Walk With Your Head Up

When you walk with your head down, you look like you’re depressed.  Women don’t want to deal with depressed men… especially if she’s fun-loving.  When you walk with your head up, it looks like you have something going on.  Women want to be with a man who has something going on.  It shows he’s important.   Hot women, average-looking women, fat women, it doesn’t matter.  Women want to be with a man who’s important.

Speak Like You Mean It

When you talk low as if you don’t want people to hear you, they’re gonna talk over you and you won’t be heard when you want to.  When you speak, talk at a volume you can be heard.  Don’t speak too low that it sounds like you’re whispering.  Don’t speak too loud like you’re yelling (only if you need to yell).  The time you should be talking low is if you’re talking to a woman up close and personal.  Get your voice at it’s deepest, look into her eyes, and talk.

Strong body language is not only important to attract women, but it’s also important to command the respect of other men.  If you’re out with a hot women and you display weak body language, other men will try to talk to your date.  If he possesses strong confidence and body language, he may take your girl right from under you.

Actions To Take

1. If you’re too shy to hold eye contact, look in the mirror and practice looking yourself in the eye.  If you can’t even look yourself in the eye, then you definitely need to practice this exercise often.

2. When you’re out and about, take in your environment.  Look around you, smell the air, listen to the sounds.  Taking in your environment heightens your senses.  You do this, you’ll notice things you may have not noticed before, like that cute girl staring at you across the room.

3. Break your weak body language habits.  If you catch yourself looking down at your feet when people talk to you, bring your eyes back up to theirs.  It takes time to condition strong body language if you have a habit of weak body language.

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Get Rid Of Shyness And Play In The Major Leagues Of Dating

Get Rid Of Shyness And Start Playing In The Major Leagues Of DatingMost, no, all men want to date women who look extremely attractive to us.  We feel good about being with someone we are 100% attracted to.  Truth be told that when you have a beautiful woman on your arm, it attracts even more beautiful women.  This is how a lot of men get tons of beautiful women… they become a lightning rod for attractive women.  Only problem is you may be too shy and think that hot women are out of your league.  Hot women aren’t out of your league.  As a matter of fact, some hot women have issues like you wouldn’t believe. So before you put these women on pedestals, you need to get your mind right first so you’ll be in the major leagues of dating as well.

In order for a man to play in the majors, he needs to have the mindset that women are in abundance.  You see, the men who are stuck on one woman have a scarcity mentality.  They think that if they get rejected by this one woman, then they’re never gonna get an attractive woman.  Let me help these men out.  When you get rejected by one woman, there are an endless supply of women right around the corner.  Believe it or not but when you think this way, you’ll start asking more women out on dates instead of trying to not “waste” them by getting rejected.  It could be a woman who looks like a lingerie model and you’ll still have the balls to approach her.  You get rejected by her and you’ll think, “Man she was hot… imagine how the next chick I meet is gonna look”

What men need to do is get rid of that shyness that has them thinking everything negative about themselves when it comes to attractive women.  The next thing men need to do is build that confidence.  Confidence will get you very far because women are deeply attracted to confident men.  This is one of the reasons why you’ll see a couple where the man may be traditionally unattractive and the woman is a 12 on a scale of 1-10.

So what do you do to get rid of shyness and play in the major leagues?  Here’s what you do:

Get In The Habit Of Talking To Women As Much As Possible

The more you do something, the more comfortable you get doing it.  When you’re shy the best thing to do is start off small like saying a simple hello.  Then you can start approaching women by using the situation as an icebreaker.  If you’re on a fast food line, you can ask the woman behind you for a suggestion or give her a suggestion on what to get if you’ve eaten there before.  The more you talk to women, the more comfortable you’ll become and your comfort will make them comfortable around you.  Your confidence will grow and you’ll become more attractive to women.

Feel Like You’re Suppose To Get Beautiful Women

When you have the attitude that you’re suppose to get attractive women who treat you with respect, you’re gonna move closer to these women and start getting respected by women a lot more.  When these women are around, you’re gonna feel compelled to talk to them rather than think they’re too good for you.  If they reject you, you try to improve yourself so you’ll get more beautiful women saying “yes” instead of “no”.

Make Small Improvements On Yourself To Become More Attractive

You don’t have to give beautiful women gifts, money, or put them on a pedestal to get them to like you.  All you have to do is make small improvements on yourself.  Learn something new so it can make you more interesting to talk to.  Wear cologne or oils that make you smell better.  Buy clothes that look good on you.  Truth be told, you don’t have to go broke buying expensive clothes to look good.  Command respect wherever you go.  Women are attracted to men who get respect from women and other men.  This shows he’s in the big leagues.

To play in the major leagues of dating, you have to be a major league person yourself.  It’s not about feeling sorry for yourself that hot women are passing you by for losers.  Women who date losers (guys who ain’t about nothing) will have their regrets when they look back.  The important thing is you build yourself into a winner and go for women who like dating winners.  You’ll be dating in the big leagues and you will feel no woman will be out of your league.

Actions To Take
1. Start off talking to women by saying hello and that’s it.  Smile and say hello.  When you get comfortable, then have a little 20 second conversation with them.  The more comfortable you become, the longer the conversations can get.

2. Practice good grooming habits, dress nice, and stay clean.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes, but you should wear clothes that look good on you.  You’ll be surprised how good you feel by doing something as simple as getting a haircut or trimming your beard.

3. Read.  The more you read, the smarter you become, and the more interesting your conversations can get.  If you’re good looking but boring as hell, women will still look for a guy who can spark their interests.  Just because you’re average looking doesn’t mean you can’t keep an attractive woman’s attention.

Playing in the major leagues of dating requires you have to build your confidence as high as a skyscraper.  I would like to give you a gift that’s gonna help you achieve that just for reading this post.  Click the link below to get your gift, my eBook, The Confidence Skyscraper.


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How To Get Rid Of Shyness Talking To Attractive Women

How To Get Rid Of Shyness Talking To Attractive Women“There she is!  Go talk to her, man.”

We’ve all been in a situation where we were attracted to a woman, told our friends, and they’ve encouraged us to talk to her.  The only problem is we’re scared.  Not because the woman is gonna beat  us up, but our ego is gonna get crushed IF she rejects us.  I emphasis “if” because it’s not a guarantee she’ll say no.  A lot of men have what I call “Automatic Rejection Syndrome“.  They think just because the woman is attractive she’s gonna reject him automatically, so what he’ll do is reject himself by not stepping to her and seeing what happens.  In order to get rid of shyness talking to attractive women, you need a better understanding on a few things.

You Confidence Gives You A Bigger Advantage

When women see men who step to them with confidence, it lets the man get his foot in the door a lot faster.  I’m not saying confidence is going to guarantee that she’ll say yes, but it will give you a greater advantage.  The thing is women don’t want to date wimpy losers, so when you act shy and fearful, it sends a message to her that you may potentially be a wimpy loser.  Don’t confuse “loser” with getting rejected because the most successful men with women have been rejected hundreds of times.  The only difference is that their confidence has given them that advantage that keeps them going until they get what they want.

Attractive Women Are Shy Too

Have you ever spoken to a woman and she looked like she was a little uneasy.  This isn’t because she can’t wait until you stop talking to her and she’s too polite to tell you to leave her alone, but she acts this way with all the men who she finds attractive.  The only thing is men find shyness in a woman kinda cute.  On the flip side, women don’t find shyness in a man that attractive… unless the man is attractive himself.  If you speak to some women, they’ll tell you all the things they don’t like about themselves instead of focusing on the thing that makes them attractive in the first place.  This very thing may be the thing that makes them shy.

Attractive Women Are Attracted To You Too

I bet if you spoke to some of the cute girls from your high school years, you may be shocked to find out that some of them had a little crush on you.  The problem was you didn’t know it because you had Automatic Rejection Syndrome.  Some women like certain men.  These men may be traditionally “unattractive” but there is something about these men that they like.  It doesn’t matter how attractive the woman is, it’s what she likes.  Just because she’s attractive doesn’t mean she’s only attracted to attractive men.

I’m sure if you’re reading this that you’re not hideous, so getting an attractive woman may be easier than you think.  So anytime you see beautiful women you want to see that as an opportunity instead of another woman who’s gonna reject you.  So stop thinking she’s gonna reject you and just go up and talk.


Actions To Take

1. Clear your mind of all the garbage that’s making you feel like attractive women are out of your league.  I show you the steps on how to clear your mind in my eBook, The Confidence Skyscraper.  You should grab your copy right now.  It will show you how to get a strong foundation of real confidence that’s gonna help you approach attractive women with less fear.

2. Start out by saying a simple hello to the women you pass by.  Don’t expect fireworks, just do this to get over the fear of talking to attractive women.  If she’s receptive and starts talking to you, don’t be afraid to keep the conversation going.

3. Don’t worry about pick up lines.  Use the situation to talk to her.  For example, you’re on line at a fast food restaurant and a woman is behind you, look over your shoulder and ask her for a suggestion.  This can be the start of a beautiful relationship.  Simplicity sometimes gives you better results than elaborate gimmicks.

Talking to attractive women may be scary to you, so what I’m gonna do is give you a gift that’s gonna help you accelerate your confidence and give you a solid foundation of real confidence.  You’re gonna need this solid foundation because you may get rejected numerous times, but that confidence will keep growing because you have this strong foundation.  Click the link below to get your copy today.

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