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Why You Shouldn’t Be Shy After A Bad Relationship

Posted on | April 23, 2014 | Comments Off

So you’ve been dumped by your girlfriend… the love of your life.  You’re thinking about all the good times you’ve had.  All the dates, all the laughs, and most of all… all the sex.  But were you happy in that relationship?  Did she really like you?  We’re you playing your role as a boyfriend and man properly?  Most men will believe the things that women tell them about being good boyfriends.  Stuff like, “Treat her special”, even when the woman doesn’t deserve it.  She could have cursed your mother out and you’re giving her flowers and chocolates without checking her.  What about, “Be sensitive towards her feelings”.  Well, most men don’t know what this means so they’ll start acting sensitive.  That can mean doing activities with her that she should be doing with her girlfriends.  Most men aren’t sincere when they do that sensitive crap.  They only do it to get on her good side.


So how do you recover from a bad relationship instead of thinking that all women are evil bitches whose main goal in life is to step on your heart?  Very simple.  You leave the women alone for a second.  You self-evaluate and ask yourself questions.  Once you evaluate yourself honestly, then you start fixing little things in your life that need to be fixed before you get with a new girl.  If you’re a bad lay, have more no-strings attached sex with more women.  If the problem is money, learn how to manage and save more money and manage your debts.  Build up your credit score.  When you pay your bills on time and your credit score goes up, you’ll be able to buy a better car, buy a house, etc.  This makes you feel better about what you drive and where you live.  If you’re overweight or underweight, start eating right and exercising.  You’ll notice that the better you feel in other parts of your life, the more confident you become.


Now let me tell you why you should be shy after a bad relationship.  When you do a self-evaluation, you start on a path to becoming a better person.  When you take the necessary actions needed, you actually become a better person.  When you become a better person, you feel better about yourself.  When you feel better about yourself, you become more confident.  If you’re in your 30s and you live with your parents, you could use a portion of that time to build your credit score so you can buy yourself a car and a house.  Now you have your own ride and your own place, you’ll feel more confident to take women back to your place and take them anywhere you want in your car.  If you’re scrawny and weak-looking, you could start eating more and start working out to build more muscle.  When your muscles pop out of your shirt, you’ll notice the looks you’ll get from women.  Same thing if you’re fat.  You’ll eat less and workout more.  The women will respond the same way.


Just remember that a bad relationship can be a blessing in disguise.  You may become a better, smarter person if you learn from the lessons it taught you.


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