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Relationship Fatigue–Why Men Get Shy Breaking Up With Women

Posted on | March 5, 2014 | Comments Off

There’s an old saying men have when it comes to relationships they want to get out of, “It’s cheaper to keep her”.  What that means is instead of going through child support, spousal support, and a divorce, men would rather suffer than get rid of the person who is making them suffer.  There is a term that you need to become familiar with if you want to find a woman worth settling down with–relationship fatigue.

When it comes to relationships, there are levels.  The first level is the jump off or what they use to call the “booty call”.  This is the girl you would call up whenever you wanted to have sex.  The relationship was good because it was simple.  The both of you came up with some ground rules when dealing with each other and you enjoyed the sex.  Then you realized that this chick is cool.  She doesn’t nag you, she doesn’t belittle you, and she gives you sex whenever you want.  You think about taking it to the next level–making your “jump off” your girlfriend.

When you did this, you started noticing a few things about her.  She’s not the neatest person you know and she is a bit of a club rat.  All she wants to do is drink and smoke and stay out all night.  It bothers you but you think if you tell her about it you’re being controlling, so instead, you let her do what she does.  She can suck a mean dick and she knows how to throw that pussy, so you’re not trying to get her angry with you.  This is actually the beginning of the end.  Whenever a man doesn’t have it in him to check his woman or call her on little habits that bothers him, he is heading down a path to relationship fatigue.  You’ll notice she’s guarding her phone a little tighter, she’s getting text messages from dudes you’ve never met, and she’s starting to withhold sex a lot more.  The reason why you got with her in the first place was because she never hesitated to give you “some”.  Now you have to either fight with her or it has to be a special occasion for her to give you some ass.

One day, you wake up and you notice your girlfriend throwing up.  This has been happening for the past week.  You never thought anything about it.  You thought, “Maybe she has food poisoning” or “She probably got drunk”.  She takes a pregnancy test and you find out it comes out positive.  You’re at the next level–fatherhood.  You get excited because you’ve always wanted to be a father.  You were raised in a household where you don’t have a kid out of wedlock.  So a few months later, you marry her.  Now you’re at another level–husband.  This is when the suffering really begins.  She nags you, she belittles you, she hits you, etc.  Something is on her mind so she uses nagging and “bitch” tactics to handle this guilt.  One day while you’re arguing with her, she tells you that she slept with a guy she met at the club a couple of months ago.  The time she tells you, seems to link up right around the time she was having morning sicknesses.  You are hurt and angry at the same time.  So you do what a lot of angry and hurt men do–go on The Maury Show.  This is when you hear those 5 magic words… YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!  You are married to a woman who is having another man’s baby.

Don’t end up on The Maury Show.  The best thing a man can do is know what kind of woman he is dealing with and only take it to another level when the woman is worth it.  I know this is an extreme case but cases like this do exist.  A woman giving you all the sex you want now, can withhold it later on, so sex is never a good indication that the woman is right for you.  You should get to know her, date her, live with her for a while, and see if you can stand her after a few months to a few years.  When you get married and have kids, this is how the relationship fatigue eats away at you–being with a woman who you can stand and if you leave her, you’re gonna be taken for everything you got.  This is why men get shy when breaking up with women.

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